Shark, Gavrilovic

Art Port – Yugoexport, gallery Belgrade, three artists one exhibition


PEOPLE AND THE CITY project (a child)

The Touch of a Child Child: “Draw me a city”. Artist: “Here you are”. Child: “…a city for my classmates and my friends: Amazonian trees, polar bears, spumy whales, and… Sharks! The Sharks change their teeth several times in lives, you know. My buddy Joël has recently lost his tooth, you see. Yours move?” Artist: “Not [...]

People and the City project, Charles Crump

Put yourself in the artwork As our project progresses, lots of interesting people are contacting me and want to be one of the "People of the City". So, would I like to introduce to you, Charles Crump and the part of his story that he shared with us. ...I would truly love to be apart [...]

People and the City project with Vince Raymond

Put yourself in the artwork I started a new series with the larger main figure images. Previously those were city landscapes with people that are small in this detailed structures, measuring their existence through limited visual scales in comparison with a big picture. They represent only fragments of this city. What I find out with [...]

Fading sunset in Red City by Marko Gavrilovic


Tue, 02 Dec 2014 17:22:31 Over the past week I got a chance to talk with contemporary artist Marko Gavrilovic of Belgrade, Serbia. Although it was via online, I could tell he had an optimistic spirit waiting for the world to see his masterpieces. He founded the Notus Light studio in 2002, where [...]

Iced dimension Ivana Ivka 2

Ice dimension

Infinity is dimensional space without considering time in which all known matter exists, having no edges, limits, an end: The line is infinite makes my drawing more free from all of my expectations and everyone else. I coexist with all these lines and those are determined my confidence. It is often tempting from the outside [...]


CONSULATE GENERAL OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA IN NEW YORK IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE EXHIBITION ENLIGHTENED CITY BY ARTIST MARKO GAVRILOVIC Is it possible to replicate an "ingenious and perfect" man, to clone people? Do we need to be perfect, or... can we? Is the soul, immortal essence, crucial to human existence? Do you have to [...]

Present & Future video performance

Садашњост и будућност Mарко Гавриловић нас серијом цртежа "Садашњост и будућност" уводи у филозофско-уметничку димензију доживљаја времена, простора и савременог човека у њему. Прошлост је овде намерно изостављена, сасвим упитна, схваћена као пројекција догађаја и информација које нису нужно и чињенице. Уметник чија је истраживачка и ликовна преокупација гибање и живот органског, и чињенице доживљава [...]

Exhibition PRESENT & FUTURE, drawings by Marko Gavrilovic

Is she beautiful, scary, cheeky, sensual...urban? For me...she is all that in one.   PRESENT & FUTURE With a series of drawings, "The Present & Future" artist Marko Gavrilovic introduces us with the philosophical and artistic dimension of experience of time, space and the modern man in it. The past is here purposely omitted. It [...]